Maybe the anger never comes when it should but when the tension is over all of a sudden you can’t see clearly and in the middle of a peaceful gathering you must make some excuse to leave so you can punch your soul out on a rock somewhere until it bleeds. Let yourself punch, but […]


Ten. Funny how a clock unnoticed for all of history is now the clock counting down the seconds left to live. It rises above the world, ancient face peeled, bronze pendulum swinging. Make it stop, they shout, but they might as well struggle against fate itself. These are the steadiest beats you will ever hear, and […]

by the light of a yellow lamp at 1am

I will miss them. Not because we share a special connection, not because we have anything in common at all, not even because any one of them is kind or friendly in the least—I will miss them because I know them. And they know me. Isn’t that all I want of life: to know and […]


Reach out for the spark of beauty, pull your hand to your heart, and your world explodes in colors that steal your breath away. Always chasing that spark, only seen by you, only known to you, and if you let go it’s gone forever. That world never lasts anyway. It flies away moments before it […]

Night, sadness

The beauty of this night lies in three layers. The first is the silent majesty of the mountains: sleeping giants against the sky. The second is the city that shines beyond the mountains in dots and spectacles of light, so perfect you cannot believe it is not a scene from a movie. It hums with […]


But with the shared loneliness comes shared kindness. Now the small child curled up on the couch hugs his stuffed animals a little more tightly, and the teenager exiting the deserted subway station talks to his friend a little more quietly, and the tired hands of the father caress his daughter’s hair a little more […]


“How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.” Henry David Thoreau Be real. Be real. If not for anyone else, you must be real at least for me, I whisper. I wait for salt spray to splash me in the face and for wind to knock […]


I sit on a wet driveway, letting the rain soak me. Forget sitting in solitude and reconstructed perfection, forget taking time to reflect and reconnect with yourself—I am too tired, and my head hurts too much, and anyways it is raining and I do not know what I believe. But I am thankful for sky, […]


Love of another person, a strange concept for this stony fifteen-year-old heart. But talking to you at 8 PM through a screen, a little nervous and a little pleased, I want only good things for you, you beautiful and kind person. You told me you thought it was cool that I was applying for college […]


The sight spreads like wildfire. Two Inca children scramble to their feet as they watch Pizarro’s procession pass, before running to alert their communities of these pale-skinned strangers who carry firearms and mount animals. When the exhausted Europeans enter the city, they discover that in the face of the 80,000 Inca troops being notified of […]


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