WILDFLOWER: [in progress] A coming-of-age play in the ideation stages. As a child, Iris resolves to make the most of her unwanted life by being kind to everyone she meets. As the years go by and her family falls apart, her spirit withers—but luckily, the kind deeds she has done are already being passed down along a long line of people until they eventually find their way back to her, right when she needs them most.

EVERLING: [in progress] A lighthearted audio play, in development. Over the course of a summer, rival middle school classmates Remi Everling and Amara Clark both launch ice cream businesses and start competing against each other for their small town’s support. When their friends take sides, the two find themselves at the point of no return, heading a full-blown food service war that will last until someone either breaks from the pressure or withdraws from the conflict.