THE LAST HOSANNA: YA novel based on The Awakening, a choral piece by Joseph M. Martin. A violinist fights to keep music alive in her city after a dream shows her a future without it. A love letter to music educators. 1st draft in progress.

FEATHERS OF DIAMOND: Middle-grade fiction. Seven-year-old Sasha Zolotova vies for favor at a school that doesn’t acknowledge her disability. One person is able to help, but not until she tackles her own shameful past. Deals with shame, social ostracism, and the inferiority complex. 2nd draft in progress (first drafted April & May 2018).

CHILDREN OF THE SEASONS: Children’s fiction. Twelve gifted children are sent to an urban Japanese international school to prepare presentations for a centennial festival of global peace. When global peace falls apart, they take a harrowing stand against rising pressure to turn against each other, attempting to prove before the year counts down that their friendships run deeper than political or racial lines. 2nd draft in progress (first drafted April 2019).